Repeater Keeper Network

10M Repeater NoV Arrives


Just a quick update for anyone interested. I’ve received the NoV for GB3TX 29.650Mhz with a PL tone of 94.8Hz. Wheels are in motion and I’ll keep this thread up to date. - The hope is that GB3TX will be linked to


Hi James, wonder what radio are you using for the link? I’m intrigued to see what performance, range etc you are getting with 10m
rgds Keith


Hi Keith,

It’s up in the air at the moment. I’m in discussion with another ham who has some Mactracs for sale. So far the deal sounds good and this is most likely what will end up being used for RX/TX. The site-site link will either be provided by internet (AllStar / SVXLink) or business band VHF. I need to weigh up the costs etc. Will keep you up to date as many are interested in GB3TX.

James M0ZAH


I was thinking of resurrecting GB3GX at one time, I have a couple of maxtracs too, and planned to use the IP network between sites we use for the DMR kit.

Never got round to it!



That would be very interesting. I wonder why GB3GX was switched off? - Would be good to see it make a come back.


Email me and we’ll discuss off-line