Repeater Keeper Network

Hello from Lincoln (and Montreal)


Greetings all. A colleague and I are looking into a 10m IRLP node in Lincoln. There is already a 70cm node in the city but it seems to have limited coverage. We thought 10m might provide better coverage across the Fens.

Keith G0RQQ / VA2QU


Hi Keith,

Nice to see you on the forum.

Interesting re the 10M IRLP node. I’m currently in the process of building GB3TX. We plan to link via AllStarLink as the audio quality is very good.

Will be interesting to see how you get on with the 10M link.


Allstar might be an interesting alternative to IRLP. We had thought of IRLP since the 70cm repeater on Lincoln Cathedral has that capability, so linking it to 10m simplex would give a 10m “remote base” capability similar to those in North America. However, we are open to any ideas…



I have to admit I’m very new to AllStar. I’m now using it on GB3JC & GB3NZ and the audio quality is excellent. @M0HOY could provide details as he runs the system.

I used to use Echolink but now I won’t go back.


With AllStar you using Doug Cromptons image you can run AllStar, Echolink and IRLP all on the one device.


Hmm - that’s an interesting concept…


I haven’t played with the IRLP on mine yet, I can confirm EchoLink plays nicely.