Repeater Keeper Network

Hello from the Salop Cluster



I’m the keeper of GB7WD, GB7DY and network botherer for the salop cluster of repeaters in the Midlands … we were once a closed DMR network but now powered by Brandmeister.



Hi Martin,

Welcome to RKN. Thank you for joining and very interesting to see the Salop network uses Brandmeister. I was not aware they had moved systems.


It was getting harder and harder to maintain the IP links, dishes and VPNs and the master repeater was always a single point of failure.

We now have the best of both worlds, slot 1 is the cluster - with full roaming and external access on 23575, and slot 2 for the DMR DXer’s :slight_smile:

People seem happy!



I understand the issues with maintaining the VPN’s etc. I wonder what solution you were using for VPN’s and site to site linking?

I agree you now have the best of both worlds :-). It’s better to keep the linking off-site, as you say; it means there’s no single point of failure.