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Issues with cross connection between BM Network on TS1 TG9 and TS2 TG9


Morning ,

I am posting some information from Ian GM4AUP relating to an issue on the Brandmeister network and the Scottish DMR repeaters.

We having a problem in Scotland with an apparent cross connection between TS1 TG9 and TS2 TG9.

This manifests itself as a QSO on GB7SM TS1 TG9 (local) appearing on TS2 TG9 on reflector 4405 on the GB7EE, GB7DE and GB7LV repeaters.

This cross connection does not appear on GB7GG, GB7DM, GB7KN and GB7FE which are also connected to reflector 4405 on TS2 TG9.

The difference between these two groups of stations is that EE,DE and LV are connected to the UK BM master and GG, DM, KN and FE are connected to the Ireland BM master.

In order to identify the issue we have done the following:

  1. Tried using TS1 TG9 on GB7GG and the signal is transferred to TS2 TG9 as above. This eliminates an issue at GB7SM
  2. Moved GB7LV to the Ireland BM master. No cross connection evident
  3. Moved GB7LV to the Netherlands BM master. No cross connection evident. This suggests it is not an Ireland Master issue
  4. Moved GB7SM to the Netherlands BM master and transmitted on TS1 TG9. Cross connection to TS2 TG9 as noted above now takes place.

The above tests suggest the cross connection may be occurring within the UK BM master.

I am unsure how long this has been happening for as there is very little local traffic on TG9 slot 1 of the GB7SM repeater or indeed the GG, DM, KN and FE Repeaters.

The UK BM admins are aware of this issue, I wonder if any one has some thoughts about what might be going on ?

Regards Allister GM7RYR


I guess no one else has an issue with this then ?

Looks like it must be a fairly localised issue … more investigation required !

Allister GM7RYR


Hi Allister,

I’m afraid not sir


Hi James,

would be interested to hear bit more about what you are experiencing in respect of this.

Last night we also had a QSO on slot one on GB7DE ( VHF ) go out, presumably across the network and come out on GB7EE (UHF) and GB7LV on VHF .

I wonder if thats what you were getting ?

Regards Allister


Allister, Sorry for the late reply sir.

We’ve not had any issues like this on GB7DS.