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Repeater Logic - What are you using?


I wonder what controllers others use in this group?

I’m currently re-building GB3JC / GB3NZ. Sneak peak below.


I am using AllStar as my repeater controller.


@M0HOY I love AllStar! I do prefer a H/W controller as it means I can play! I assume yours does ID’s and tones all from rpt.conf?

I have a demo of my controller so far:


I’m currently using the DR-1X internal controller because my RC210 seems to have a problem with the transmitter hanging forever (until I turn it off)! I hope to fix that soon!


Nice video, yes it does everyting from rpt.conf. Voice ID’s and messages etc.


That’s a shame mate, I know you like the RC210. I’ve still got one in a box somewhere. When you power it on does it stay locked in PTT?

I’ve not looked at the schematic but it could be a transistor that’s bit the dust.


Very nice @M0HOY, What base station do you use?


A little progress update.


It does stay locked in PTT. I’ll have to take a look at that. That’s what happened to my DR-1X at one point about a year ago.


When it stays keyed does it time-out or stay keyed forever? If so it could well be a transistor that’s gone pop.


It times out and then immediately cancels the timeout and stays keyed.


The LED’s does it show the COS as constantly on?


The COS LED is constantly on. Would that be a transistor issue?


Interesting, is the COS light on even if nothing is plugged into the port? What port are you using? I’ll see if I can grab a schematic.


The COS light turns off when nothing is plugged in but it stays on whenever the port is active. I’m using Port 1 for the repeater, Port 2 for the main band of the remote base and Port 3 for the sub-band.


That sounds more like the issue is not in-fact with the controller but rather the interface lead. What do you use to interface the DR1X to the controller? If the problem goes away when that’s unplugged is most certainly the lead.


I use the ADR Interface. That could be it from what you’re telling me.


Would be a good idea to check it out with a multimeter to see if the ADR is toast