Repeater Keeper Network

Repeater onsite networks


For keepers that have internet on repeater site; I wonder what choice of border router you use?

Currently I use pfsense and Mikrotik RB3011 as a fail over.



MikroTik too, the RB2011 is my default choice or the RB912 if I need to add 3 or 4G

AAISP as well, you get a static IP address for IPSec VPNs


I have to admit I moved back to Mikrotik. I didn’t like relying on my hyper-visor when doing updates… the network was unavailable :-).

I really love AAISP service, second to none.


James I use a Draytek 2862.


Hi @M0WTX-Stuart,

Great router, although a pain to set up IIRC.


Remote setup is easy on new Draytek’s
Industry standard in IT world.


I’ve not played with a newer models.

Glad they are easier to setup!