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Welcome to the Repeater Keeper Network (RKN). This discussion board is designed to facilitate repeater and link system operators / users. Currently we don’t have a “virtual pub” to hang out and discuss systems and technologies.

We welcome all users, you don’t need to be a Keeper/Sysop to join in the discussion!

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Does anyone use EE droadband, I use EE but I need a class B rooter for a aces, EE are next to useless they cannot tell me what PPPOE they use, this is for GB7NA D-STAR any suggestions Ernie G4LUE.


Hi Ernie,

Welcome to the RKN forum.

Sadly I don’t have much experience with EE broadband. I did find this article from 2017, not sure if it will help:


Thanks I’ve acquired the information from EE I’m awaiting a friend to assist me, thanks again ernie.



No problem at all.

Just wondering, what type of router are you going to use?


I have an it guy works on dell r7100 most of the time he is interested in radio, I’ll take his advise will report on here GB7NA